Christmas Costumes

In countries in Europe and the United States, the tradition of Christmas costumes is very strong, mainly because in these places at this time of year it is very cold and their custom is to celebrate indoors, only among close relatives, in a very climate. intimate. Here in Brazil the tradition is totally different, but why not bring this intimate mood to bedtime when the guests are gone? In this post, I'll show you how a costume, pajamas or a sweater inspired by the Christmas mood does not go wrong!

Did you notice the fantasy that opens the post? (Visit  christmas costumes wholesale online) No one could resist this Santa for sure! And it blends much more with our country's tropical climate than those cute sweaters we see in series and movies. Don't you like something so "themed"? See other possibilities:

These sweater models have a subtler Christmas inspiration and can complete their use with a cap. Is it super charming or not? There is an infinite variety of models, such as green sweatshirts, lingerie, hobbies, whatever you need. To check out all models, visit womens lingerie sale

 Now, if none of the previous models pleased you, I assure you that this option will. It's a velvet ensemble that gives you the ability to assemble your pajamas any way you want! I'm really wishing a lot and I already imagined myself in my bed watching a movie to wrap up Christmas Eve!

All these pieces you find in Lover-Beauty, an international store with nearly 20 years of experience in women's clothing such as lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, modeling belts and more. I really recommend that you pay a visit and be surprised by the wide variety of pieces that the store makes available to its customers.

Which piece would you choose to end your Christmas Eve?

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  1. Incríveis as peças. Bem diferentes.
    Bom fim de semana!

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

    Jovem Jornalista

  2. que lindezas, Paula
    amei os modelos
    ainda não conhecia essa loja


  3. Uau que lindas. Amei a terceira.

  4. Olá Paulinha
    Eu queria passar um Natal bem gelado com moletons fofos 😄😄😄
    Massssss amei essas camisolas temáticas!
    A terceira é maravilinda!
    Vou lá visitar a loja agorinha.
    Bjs Luli