How to Wear Dress / Skirt Bandage

Bandage (Visit bandage dress sale) dresses and skirts are a sure bet when you want to highlight the curves and leave the look feminine and sexy. Widely used in the 90's, the coladinha clothing has surfaced a long time and is named after it, because it is composed of strips that surround the body, as well as a bandage, a bandage. But is it easy for us mere mortals to wear this type of clothing? To be fair, sometimes we do not feel safe to use, but believe me, there is no mistake: If you do not want the composition to be too bold, simply combine it with a larger piece. It will make her sexy right.

To illustrate the post, I've selected some bandage pieces to inspire you:

The "bandage" style goes very well for evening appointments. But that does not mean you can not wear it by day. The skirts are perfect for this: just combine them with regattas or t-shirts and the composition will be perfect.
Check out a few tricks you can turn to if you do not feel safe enough to wear a pure bandage piece. In warmer temperatures wear a blazer, cardigan or jeans shirt (a charm is tied at the waist!). And when temperatures go up, a kimono, a maxi vest or a simple scarf can help you a lot!

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  1. Acho lindo pra quem tem corpão... o que não é meu caso, infelizmente :( Kkk.

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  2. Lindos looks..amei a jaquetinha jeans da última imagem

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  3. O vestido preto com certeza foi meu favorito Paula amei a seleção tá incrível!

  4. Eu não sei ingles, mas as peças são maravilhosas.
    Ótimo final de semana,com muita paz.
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  5. Que peças mais lindas.
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  6. Adorei os modelos, são lindos.
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  7. Que peças maravilhosas, não conhecia a loja.
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  8. Olá Paulinha
    Não conhecia a loja vou anotar aqui.
    Gostei muito dos três primeiros vestidos, lindas as inspirações que vc escolheu.
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