Brazilian Hair Bundles

The laces are wigs made to look the most with natural hair, where the strands look like they actually leave the scalp. Some are so well made that they can even be used in hairstyles, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Usually they are made in a customized way, so that the looks are as natural as possible and many are even made with human hair and the ones that are more successful are those that "imitate" Brazilian hair bundles. That's why the hair type of women in our country are desired by women from all over the world, like this brazilian wave hair and brazilian deep curly hair.

 brazilian wavy hair
As I mentioned in a previous post, laces are increasingly common here in Brazil. I think women are opting for them when they want to change the look a little, without damaging their hair, and how they look so natural is clearly an investment in hair style and health. The increasing wave of capillary transition, has also helped in the popularization of this type of accessory.
 brazilian deep curly hair
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  1. Nunca pensei em usar, mas vai que né?!


  2. Acho ótimo esses apliques para dá uma mudada no visual é sempre bom!

  3. Olá Paulinha
    Essas laces são tão perfeitinhas e ficam tão naturais!
    Uma ótima opção para variar o visual.
    Tenho vontade de experimentar um aplique de franja!
    Bjs Luli